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Colorado’s Premiere Contractor for Stucco, Stone, Plaster & Brick

Residential Stucco & Exteriors

Residential Stucco

Stucco For Homeowners

DCPI works with homeowners that recognize the value of a superior product. Give your home that personal touch with an exterior that shows your style.
Our huge color pallet, and many architectural details will give you the ability to give your home personality while adding value with a durable, fire resistant exterior.

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Stucco For HOA’s

Colorado home owner associations call DCPI for stucco because Denver Custom Plastering works hard to keep the residents happy during construction. Our fast, efficient crews minimize impact on any one resident while great care is given to the protection of grounds and landscaping.

Stucco Restoration / Repair

Colorado renovators repeatedly call Denver Custom Plaster to work on their remodel projects. DCP’s Expert Texture and Color Matching allows us to repair / restore your plaster to it’s original beauty.

Stucco can last a lifetime if applied and cared for correctly, but sometimes remodeling, extreme weather and the march of time can cause your stucco to need restoration. If your building’s stucco is faded, cracked or just the wrong color, call DCPI, it may be possible to make repairs and re-coat with a brand new color for fast and stunning restoration.

Architectural Enhancements

& Embellishments


Stucco For Builders and Developers

Colorado Architects, Developers and Builders all appreciate
DPCI’s professionalism and execution. Denver Custom Plastering
is the contractor of choice for projects, where quality craftsmanship
is at a premium.

DCPI proud to have been the chosen plaster contractor for many prestigious projects like the Denver Parade of Homes.

Ornate Details

DCPI is your best choice when you want to add design enhancements & ornate additions to your project. We have access to nearly every material, shape, profile, accent and ornament available today. You will be amazed by the results when you have DCPI combine shapes, colors and a variety of materials into your project.

Architectural Enhancements

& Embellishments


Trained Craftsmen

Our craftsmen undergo regular training to stay on top of the newest improvements in installation, application and maintenance techniques. This ensures your job is done exactly to the manufacturers specifications maximizing the lifetime of the product and protecting your warranty. For Quality Workmanship without compromise, contact DCPI today.

Stucco & Stone

Full-Service Exteriors

When you choose DCPI, you get a single source for your hard exteriors. Designers love that they can incorporate colors, textures and different materials for a high-end result.

Stucco & Brick

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Denver Custom Plastering

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DCPI – One Contractor – Many Materials

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